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"Every living thing is affected by its environment, physically and emotionally. Human beings retain impressions of all that happens to us on our journey from life to death. Some of these impressions are heightened, if they were particularly positive or negative, some are hidden deep in our subconscious; every human being is affected by every one of their experiences and by the total sum of them all." - Charlie Ryrie, "The Healing Energies of Water"

When we experience a traumatic event, we can often times become stuck in a fight or flight, flee or freeze response. If we can not, for whatever reason, fully discharge the energy that builds in our body when in the threat of danger, that energy can remain in our tissue, waiting to be released. This held energy can manifest in several ways. Sometimes, when we are in a situation that increases our adrenaline in the same way it was increased during the event, that place in us can be stimulated and we may react as though we were in the middle of our traumatic event rather than what might be appropriate for the current situation. Our body is on hyper-alert, waiting to act out and discharge this held energy. It is not uncommon to suffer physical symptoms as a result of this trapped energy. When it is unable to run its course and release its charge, it can settle in a particular area of our body, resulting in "body armoring," physical pain, or illness. Finding a safe way to release this trauma held within us can be invaluable.

Receiving bodywork from a compassionate practitioner who has understanding and experience working with trauma has proven to be very effective in healing any underlying patterns of unresolved energy. As the practitioner touches on areas of physical holding, he/she acts as neutral witness, creating a safe place for you to allow these feelings to rise, finish their process, and release. Bring this attentive witness to the process into the water and your healing potential greatly increases, as the water acts as a conduit for dislodging stuck energies.

Trauma comes in many forms. An event that is too big to feel all at once can be traumatic, e.g. separation or divorce, loss of a loved one or pet, an injury or accident, physical assault, bullying or harassment, etc.

For more information on the affects of trauma, read " In An Unspoken Voice: How the Body Releases Trauma and Restores Goodness,” by Peter Levine. 

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