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Michelle’s sessions flow with gentle intuitive confidence, compassion, and deep caring. She provides a safe physical and spiritual container into which I am invited to place my whole self without reservation or hesitation. I value and appreciate her work.


Michelle’s session was full of presence. Heartfelt, graceful, flowing. I felt completely at ease and trusting in her arms. An absolute joy to receive in every way. You are a true water goddess!! Thank you.​


Wow, magical feeling! Thank you Michelle!!


I went to Michelle for a Watsu session. I had no idea what to expect, but went with an open mind and heart. I can say it was one of the most unique moments I have had in my life. It allowed me space to be vulnerable with myself and gave a restful atmosphere to truly contemplate all that I have been going through. It released a ton of anxiety and stress from my body. I would highly recommend Michelle and all of her services! I can't wait to try CST as well.


Michelle was extremely helpful in allowing me to express my deep emotions. Her hands were graceful and intention profound. I will always look back at this experience as a breakthrough moment. Thanks Michelle.​

I had a swollen lymph node by the throat for 3 months that was becoming very painful with no other symptoms  I was getting worried as the pain was starting to refer to my jaw and ear.  I was surprised that immediately after one water therapy session with Michelle, the swelling subsided and the pain disappeared.  Michelle is very gentle and she’s able to move and stretch my body in the warm water the way I never thought possible.  I feel like I’m in the womb when I’m submerged and in the end I'm so relaxed that I don’t want the sessions to end.



I feel very safe with Michelle. I feel like she intuitively reads my needs; movement, laughter, silence, stillness, etc. Felt much more flexible in my spine at the end of today's session. I had visuals of energy circuits returning to me, disconnecting from elements in my life that were taking my power. Sweet.​


Beautiful work. Very relaxing. Loving hands and heart shine through this work. I completely trusted her with the underwater part. Good sense of timing with my breath. Felt loved and safe.


I just had THE MOST INCREDIBLE experience receiving an Aquatic Therapy session from Michelle Shandy Thornsberry.  Trust me when I say this is a must-do. Her gentle presence and masterful technique will leave you speechless with gratitude. If you're human, you need this work. 


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