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Warm Water Therapy

Bringing the therapy into the water adds a whole other element and opportunity to deepen your experience. It offers the perfect space to introduce movement into your bodywork session. The warm water relaxes your muscles and your mind as you stretch out and are floated, supported by the aquatic therapist, floats, and the water itself. 


In the water people often enter a deeply relaxed, meditative state where their whole being can drop into a space of profound healing.  An aquatic therapist facilitates the healing process by closely listening to your body subtle cues for what it needs and guides you through moments of movement and stillness.  Through the movements your body has the opportunity to recognize places of holding and tension and is invited to safely let go. The warm water, along the hands of the therapist, gently  massages  while simultaneously relaxing and stimulating the nervous system as you glide through the water.

Preparing for your session:


For your first session plan to arrive 15 minutes early to fill out and go over your intake form and to give you time to change and be ready to get into the water at your appointment time. If you'd like, you can print out intake forms and fill them out ahead of time. Click here to print out your intake form. 


Is the water warm? 

YES! Our pools are heated to a comfortable 97 degrees year round.


Is the pool public? 

No. Our pools are located at private homes with warm water dedicated to therapy. Your session will be yours alone with no others sharing the pool during your session.  


Is there a place to shower?

Yes. Both locations have a shower and place to change. 

Will my ears be in the water?

Yes. Your ears will be underwater. If your ears are sensitive to the water we do provide ear plugs to help protect them. 

Do I need to know how to swim?

No. You are not required move yourself through the water.You will be safely supported by me and by floats as I guide you passively through the water.  

What if I don’t float?

Some people are buoyant enough to float easily at the surface of the water but most people require a little help. I almost always use leg floats, placed comfortably above or below your knee, while I support your head and torso with my hands. Occasionally I will  use a neck pillow if I need both hands free for certain techniques. 

Will I be going underwater? 

There is a lot of work we do at the surface of the water. If you want to, and if it feels appropriate, we will also do work with you completely underwater. Nose clips are used during underwater work to prevent water going into your sinuses. 


What do I need to bring? 

A towel, suit, plenty of drinking water, and an open mind!

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