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What draws us to water, and why is it so soothing to not only our bodies, but our mental and emotional states as well?

I have often wondered what it was that was so uniquely special about the water and it's ability to bring us back home to ourselves, restoring our sense peace.  

Water has always called to me, as it does to so many. Often in times of emotional distress I go to the water. Standing in the ocean waves and feeling the strength of water crashing into my legs and it’s strong pull as it washes back to the sea. Feeling the exhilaration, raw aliveness, strength and purity. It has a way of breaking down the barriers and bringing me right into the present moment. 

I have been thrilled to learn that there is a lot of research out there investigating the wondrous effects water has on our well being. Research gathered in books like "Blue Mind, The Surprising Science That Shows How Being Near, In, On, or Under Water Can Make You Happier, Healthier, More Connected, and Better at What You Do", by Wallace J. Nichols,  " The Healing Energies of  Water", by Charlie Ryrie, and the many books written by and documenting the work of Dr. Masaru Emoto have excited and inspired me. 

Some of what I have learned 

Water "speaks" to us in more ways than one. As it travels through rivers, streams and oceans, it picks up information from everything it passes. Vibrational information is collected, stored and transferred during its constant and ever-changing flow.  French biochemist, Jacques Benveniste showed that molecules of other substances can use water as a a medium for communication and that water acts as a transmitter of stored physical and vibrational energy. Water is affected by the chemical information contained in a persons hands, for example, what elements or trace elements may be physically present on the skin, but also by the very pulse of that person, their rhythmic patterns and vibrations.

Aquatic Healing Sessions:

Our bodies are largely made of water. It is the water within us that acts as the channel through which all physical and chemical changes in the body occur. Water lies at the heart of all life's processes and the simple act of immersing ourselves in water can unlock and transform the energies that are vital to a healthy life. We subconsciously store information and energy from traumatic events in our lives that have affected us the most. Things that may have been “too big” or overwhelming to feel all at once can remain within us, suppressed, unresolved, held in our tissue.

Water invites those unresolved issues to surface. Being guided through the process by a skilled and attentive water practitioner adds great depth to the experience. Facilitating movement through stuck places and holding a safe container for you to fully let go and be renewed. For more information about our Aquatic Bodywork Sessions click here. For more information about healing from trauma click here



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